Young Tom Edison

Release Date:
Feb 10, 1940
Running Time:
Norman Taurog
Mickey Rooney Thomas Edison
Fay Bainter Nancy Edison
George Bancroft Samuel Edison
Virginia Weidler Tannie Edison
Eugene Pallette Mr. Nelson
Victor Kilian Mr. Dingle
Bobby Jordan Joe ''Joey'' Dingle
J.M. Kerrigan Mr. McCarney
Lloyd Corrigan Dr. Pender
John Kellogg Bill Edison
Clem Bevans Mr. Waddell
Eily Malyon Miss Lavina Howard
Harry Shannon Amy Captain Brackett
John W. Considine Jr.
Hugo Butler, Bradbury Foote, Dore Schary

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Young Tom Edison

During the 1860s, Tom Edison is a precocious boy with a penchant for mischief. After setting off a smoke bomb, he is expelled from his school to the dismay of his father, Samuel . However, Tom's mother, Nancy, knows that he is incredibly gifted. After Tom rescues a young boy from an oncoming train, the boy's father, Mr. McCarney, offers him a job in a telegraph office, where's he's finally given a chance to prove himself.

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