La Reina Virgen

Release Date:
May 29, 1953
Running Time:
Historical Drama
George Sidney
Jean Simmons Young Bess
Stewart Granger Thomas Seymour
Charles Laughton King Henry VIII
Deborah Kerr Catherine Parr
Cecil Kellaway Mr. Parry
Leo G. Carroll Mr. Mums
Kay Walsh Mrs. Ashley
Elaine Stewart Anne Boleyn

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La Reina Virgen

When Anne Boleyn is executed for infidelity, her daughter Elizabeth is sent into exile by King Henry VIII . Elizabeth grows into a spirited young woman. Eventually, she is summoned back to London to meet Henry's latest bride, Catherine Parr . She also meets Admiral Thomas Seymour and becomes instantly enamored. Unfortunately for her, the machinations of politics prove far more potent than love.

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