You Only Live Once

Release Date:
Jan 27, 1937
Running Time:
Crime Drama
Fritz Lang
Sylvia Sidney Joan Graham
Henry Fonda Eddie Taylor
Barton MacLane Stephen Whitney
William Gargan Father Dolan
Jean Dixon Bonnie Graham
Jerome Cowan Doctor Hill
Margaret Hamilton Hester
Ward Bond Casey, guard
Guinn ``Big Boy'' Williams Rogers
Walter Wanger
Gene Towne, C. Graham Baker

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You Only Live Once

Joan Graham works as the secretary to the public defender. Unfortunately, she's fallen madly in love with a criminal by the name of Eddie Taylor . Convinced that Eddie is a good man with bad luck, she pulls some strings and gets Eddie released from prison early. The two get married, but while Eddie tries to fly right, he soon discovers he can't change his nature. His past comes knocking at their door, and the couple is forced to go into hiding.

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