Yiddle With His Fiddle

Release Date:
Jan 1, 1937
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Joseph Green, Jan Nowina-Przybylski
Molly Picon Yiddle
Simche Fostel Arye
Max Bozyk Isaac 'Ikey' Kalamutker
Leon Liebgold Froim, the fiddler
D. Fakiel Taibele Lepski
B. Liebgold Taibele's mother (uncredited)
Samuel Landau Saul Gold
Maks Brin Marszelik
Ch. Lewin The Widow
S. Nathan R. Singer, theater manager
A. Kurc Restaurator

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Yiddle With His Fiddle

In a small Polish village, impoverished musician Arye and his young daughter, Itke, decide to become traveling musicians, with Itke posing as a boy called Yiddle to remain safe. The pair joins with street musicians Isaac and Froim . Yiddle soon falls in love with Froim, but must maintain her masquerade. When the beautiful singer Tiebele joins the group, Yiddle is consumed with jealousy as Tiebele becomes friendly with Froim.

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