Yellowstone Kelly

Release Date:
Nov 11, 1959
Running Time:
Gordon Douglas
Clint Walker Luther `'Yellowstone'` Kelly
Edd Byrnes Anse Harper
John Russell Gall
Ray Danton Sayapi
Claude Akins Sergeant
Rhodes Reason Major Towns
Andra Martin Wahleeah
Gary Vinson Lieutenant
Warren Oates Corporal
Harry Shannon Captain of the Far West

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Yellowstone Kelly

Union soldier Maj. Towns asks fur trapper and Indian scout Luther ''Yellowstone'' Kelly to scout for the Army in Sioux territory. Kelly ventures into the area, only to be taken prisoner by the Sioux. Since Kelly saved the life of Chief Gall years before, the chief promises to free him if Kelly treats wounded Arapaho maiden Wahleeah . Soon Kelly and the recovered Wahleeah are caught between Towns' soldiers and the vengeful Sioux.

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