Winchester '73

Release Date:
Jul 12, 1950
Running Time:
Anthony Mann
James Stewart Lin McAdam
Shelley Winters Lola Manners
Dan Duryea Waco Johnnie Dean
Stephen McNally Dutch Henry Brown
Millard Mitchell High Spade Frankie Wilson
Charles Drake Steve Miller
John McIntire Joe Lamont
Will Geer Wyatt Earp
Jay C. Flippen Sgt. Wilkes
Rock Hudson Young Bull
John Alexander Jack Riker
Steve Brodie Wesley
James Millican Wheeler
Abner Biberman Latigo Means
Anthony Curtis Doan
James Best Crater
Gregg Martell Mossman - Cavalryman
Frank Chase Cavalryman
Chuck Roberson Long Tom
Carol Henry Dudeen
Ray Teal Marshall Noonan
Virginia Mullen Mrs. Jameson
John Doucette Roan Daley
Chief Yowlachie Indian at Rifle Shoot
John War Eagle Indian Interpreter
Bob Anderson Basset
Ray Bennett Charles Bender
Edmund Cobb Target Watcher
Frank Conlan Contest Clerk in Saloon
Steve Darrell Bat Masterson
Aaron Rosenberg
Borden Chase, Robert L. Richards

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Winchester '73

Lin McAdam pursues notorious outlaw Henry ''Dutch'' Brown into Dodge City, Kansas. There, in an effort to flush out the criminal, McAdam enters a sharp-shooting contest and wins the top prize: the eponymous Winchester rifle. Brown, desiring the rifle for himself, sneaks into McAdam's room and makes off with it. After finding the rifle missing, McAdam chases Brown across the state and toward an epic confrontation.

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