What Time Is It?

Release Date:
Mar 21, 1990
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Ettore Scola
Marcello Mastroianni Marcello, The Father
Massimo Troisi Michele, the son
Anne Parillaud Loredana
Renato Moretti Sor Pietro
Lou Castel Fisherman
Beatrice Ravaglioli, Ettore Scola, Silvia Scola

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What Time Is It?

Marcello is a wealthy and successful lawyer in Rome who equates life's luxuries with personal happiness. He travels by train to the coast to visit his son, Michele, whom he has rarely seen since splitting with his mother. A scholar and a soldier, Michele values friends and experiences more than things. The father and son's very different lives cause friction during the day-long visit, as long-held grudges and misunderstandings stunt their communication.

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