O Homem com a Morte nos Olhos

Release Date:
May 1, 1967
Running Time:
Burt Kennedy
Henry Fonda Mayor Will Blue
Janice Rule Molly Riordan
Aldo Ray Man from Bodie
Keenan Wynn Zar
Janis Paige Adah
John Anderson Ezra Maple/Isaac Maple
Warren Oates Leo Jenks
Fay Spain Jessie
Edgar Buchanan Brown
Lon Chaney Jr. Avery
Elisha Cook Jr. Hanson
Michael Shea Jimmy Fee
David Karr , Max E. Youngstein
Burt Kennedy

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O Homem com a Morte nos Olhos

Wild West outpost Hard Times comes under attack by the Man From Bodie, a villain who conducts a one-man rape, murder and arson campaign that leaves few survivors. One of the stranger's victims, saloon dancer Molly, blames pacifistic mayor Will Blue for not stopping the rampage. Fearful the man may come back, she teaches adolescent orphan Jimmy Fee how to shoot a gun. When the stranger does return, the survivors must band together to stop him.

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