Wee Willie Winkie

Release Date:
Jul 30, 1937
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
John Ford
Shirley Temple Priscilla Williams
Victor McLaglen Sergeant MacDuff
June Lang Joyce Williams
C. Aubrey Smith Colonel Williams
Michael Whalen Coppy
Cesar Romero Khoda Khan
Constance Collier Mrs. Allardyce
Douglas Scott Mott

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Wee Willie Winkie

With her widowed mother, precocious Priscilla travels to India to live with her grandfather, Col. Williams . A stern officer in the British army, the colonel makes it clear that a military garrison isn't any place for a child. Priscilla proves otherwise, befriending tenderhearted Sgt. MacDuff, getting caught up in the plot of a rebel leader and charming everyone in sight.

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