Allegri vagabondi

Release Date:
Apr 16, 1937
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
James W. Horne
Stan Laurel Stanley
Oliver Hardy Ollie
James Finlayson Mickey Finn
Sharon Lynne Lola Marcel
Stanley Fields Sheriff
Rosina Lawrence Mary Roberts/Stan's falsetto
James Mason Patron (uncredited)
James C. Morton Bartender (uncredited)
Frank Mills Bartender (uncredited)
Dave Pepper Bartender (uncredited)
Vivien Oakland Sheriff's Wife
Harry Bernard Man eating at bar (uncredited)
Mary Gordon Cook (uncredited)
Mae Wallace Cook (uncredited)
Chill Wills One of the Avalon Boys/Stan's bass singing
Art Green One of The Avalon Boys
Walter Trask One of The Avalon Boys
Don Brookins One of The Avalon Boys
Stan Laurel , Hal Roach
Jack Jevne, Charley Rogers, Felix Adler, James Parrott, James W. Horne, Arthur V. Jones

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Allegri vagabondi

A prospector enlists Stan and Ollie to deliver the deed to a goldmine to his daughter Mary in Brushwood Gulch. When they arrive in the small village and enter the local saloon, Mary's sinister guardian pretends to be Mary, thus fooling the hapless duo into handing over the deed. Upon meeting the real Mary, the pair realizes their mistake and sets about getting the deed into the rightful owner's hands.

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