Watch on the Rhine

Release Date:
Aug 27, 1943
Running Time:
Herman Shumlin
Bette Davis Sara Muller
Paul Lukas Kurt Muller
Geraldine Fitzgerald Marthe de Brancovis
Lucile Watson Fanny Farrelly
Beulah Bondi Anise
George Coulouris Teck de Brancovis
Donald Woods David Farrelly
Henry Daniell Phili Von Ramme
Donald Buka Joshua
Eric Roberts Bodo
Janis Wilson Babette
Helmut Dantine Young Man
Mary Young Mrs. Mellie Sewell
Kurt Katch Herr Blecher
Erwin Kalser Dr. Klauber
Robert O. Davis Oberdorff
Clyde Fillmore Sam Chandler
Frank Wilson Joseph
Clarence Muse Horace
Violett McDowell Belle (uncredited)
Hal B. Wallis

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Watch on the Rhine

Anti-Fascist German engineer Kurt Muller, with his American-born wife, Sara, and their three children, returns to the United States in 1940 after spending 17 years in Europe, where Kurt has engaged in underground resistance to the rising Nazi threat. Unscrupulous Romanian count Teck de Brancovis, a houseguest of Sara's family in Washington, D.C., discovers Kurt's secret and threatens to expose his activities to his contacts at the German embassy.

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