Walk on the Wild Side

Release Date:
Feb 21, 1962
Running Time:
Edward Dmytryk
Laurence Harvey Dove Linkhorn
Capucine Hallie Gerard
Jane Fonda Kitty Twist
Anne Baxter Teresina Vidaverri
Barbara Stanwyck Jo Courtney
Joanna Moore Miss Precious
Richard Rust Oliver
Karl Swenson Schmidt
Donald Barry Dockery
Juanita Moore Mama
John Anderson Preacher
Ken Lynch Frank Bonito
Todd Anderson Lt. Omar Stroud
Lillian Bronson Amy Gerard (scenes deleted)
Adrienne Marden Eva Gerard (scenes deleted)
Sherry O'Neil Reba
Charles K. Feldman
John Fante, Edmund Morris

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Walk on the Wild Side

In the 1930s, lovesick Texan Dove Linkhorn hits the road to search for his long-lost sweetheart, Hallie Gerard . He meets free-spirited Kitty Twist along the way, and she joins him on his trip to New Orleans, where the two find Hallie working at a brothel. When Dove tries to take Hallie away with him, he is confronted by the brothel's possessive madam, Jo Courtney, who is unwilling to give up her favorite employee without a fight.

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