Walk, Don't Run

Release Date:
Jun 29, 1966
Running Time:
Charles Walters
Cary Grant Sir William Rutland
Samantha Eggar Christine Easton
Jim Hutton Steve Davis
John Standing Julius D. Haversack
Miiko Taka Aiko Kurawa
Ted Hartley Yuri Andreyovitch

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Walk, Don't Run

Arriving in Tokyo two days before the Olympic Games, Sir William Rutland struggles to find accommodations due to the number of tourists. When Rutland responds to a roommate-wanted ad posted at the British Embassy, he meets Christine Easton, who reluctantly allows him to move in. Soon, Rutland decides to offer half of his room to an American athlete, Steve Davis -- and when he notices Easton and Davis hitting it off, he tries to bring them together.

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