Village of the Damned

Release Date:
Dec 7, 1960
Running Time:
Science Fiction
Wolf Rilla
George Sanders Gordon Zellaby
Barbara Shelley Anthea Zellaby
Michael Gwynne Alan Bernard
Laurence Naismith Doctor Willers
John Phillips General Leighton
Richard Vernon Sir Edgar Hargraves
Jenny Laird Mrs. Harrington
Richard Warner Harrington
Thomas Heathcote James Pawle
Alexander Archdale The Coroner
Martin Stephens David Zellaby
Charlotte Mitchell Janet Pawle
Rosamund Greenwood Miss Ogle
Bernard Archard Vicar
Susan Richards Mrs. Plumpton
Pamela Buck Milly Hughes
John Stuart Professor Smith
Sarah Long Evelyn Harrington
Peter Vaughan P.C. Gobby
Robert Marks The Village Children
Billy Lawrence The Village Children
Ronald Kinnoch
Stirling Silliphant, Wolf Rilla, George Barclay

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Village of the Damned

One day the peaceful village of Midwich is cast into a mysterious sleep for several hours, but with no obvious consequences, until soon all the women of child-bearing age turn out to be pregnant. Their children are all born at the same time, and grow quickly into very spooky young people, with strange white-blonde hair and eerie eyes.

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