U.s. Marshals: Caccia senza tregua

Release Date:
Mar 6, 1998
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Stuart Baird
Tommy Lee Jones Chief Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard
Wesley Snipes Mark J. Sheridan/Mark Warren/Mark Roberts
Robert Downey Jr. Special Agent John Royce
Kate Nelligan U.S Marshal Catherine Walsh
Joe Pantoliano Deputy Marshal Cosmo Renfro
Irène Jacob Marie Bineaux, Sheridan's Girlfriend
Daniel Roebuck Deputy Marshal Bobby Biggs
Tom Wood U.S. Marshal Noah Woodrow Newman
LaTanya Richardson Deputy Marshal Savannah Cooper
Michael Paul Chan Xian Chen, U.N. Cultural Attaché to the Peoples Republic of China
Keith Barish , Stephen Brown , Wolfgang Glattes , Roy Huggins , Anne Kopelson , Arnold Kopelson
John Pogue

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U.s. Marshals: Caccia senza tregua

An airplane bearing gruff U.S. Marshal Sam Gerard crashes in the wilderness. On board the same flight is Mark Sheridan, a federal prisoner accused of double murder, who escapes during the ensuing chaos, but not before rescuing several people from the wreckage. Gerard is ordered to hunt down the fugitive along with State Department agent John Royce, and the two pursue Sheridan relentlessly, despite growing doubts about his guilt.

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