Soñando Despierto

Release Date:
Feb 17, 1944
Running Time:
Musical Comedy
Elliott Nugent
Danny Kaye Danny Weems
Dinah Shore Virginia
Dana Andrews Joe
Constance Dowling Mary Morgan
Louis Calhern Colonel Ashley
Lyle Talbot Sgt. Gelsey
Margaret Dumont Mrs. Willoughby
Elisha Cook Jr. Info Jones

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Soñando Despierto

Hypochondriac elevator operator Danny Weems and his best friend, Joe, are drafted. After basic training, the men discover that their friends, Virginia and Mary, are nursing officers. Though Danny knows Virginia likes him, he likes Mary -- who in turn cares for Joe. When the men are ordered into duty, Mary is inadvertently trapped on board their ship. Trying to protect her friend, Virginia joins them as they set sail for war.

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