Until the End of the World

Until the End of the World: Director's Cut
Until the End of the World: Director's Cut
Release Date:
Jan 3, 1991
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Science Fiction
Wim Wenders
William Hurt Sam Farber
Solveig Dommartin Claire Tourneur
Sam Neill Eugene Fitzpatrick
Max von Sydow Henry Farber
Rudiger Vogler Phillip Winter
Ernie Dingo Burt
Jeanne Moreau Edith Farber
Chick Ortega Chico Remy
Yelena Smirnova Krasikova
Eddy Mitchell Raymond Monnet
Chishû Ryû Mr. Mori
Allen Garfield Bernie, User Car Dealer
Lois Chiles Elsa Farber
David Gulpilil David
Paulo Branco , Ulrich Felsberg , Jonathan T. Taplin
Wim Wenders, Peter Carey, Solveig Dommartin

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Until the End of the World

While trying to find a cure for his wife's blindness, Dr. Farber has created a device that allows the user to send images directly to the brain, enabling the blind to see. The creation and operation of such a machine is in stark contrast to a deteriorating global situation, where the continued existence of mankind is under threat from a nuclear powered satellite that is falling toward earth.

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