Los Inconquistables

Release Date:
Oct 10, 1947
Running Time:
Cecil B. DeMille
Gary Cooper Capt. Christopher Holden
Paulette Goddard Abby
Howard da Silva Garth
Boris Karloff Guyasuta
Cecil Kellaway Jeremy Love
Ward Bond John Fraser
Katherine DeMille Hannah
Henry Wilcoxon Capt. Steele
Sir C. Aubrey Smith Lord Chief Justice
Victor Varconi Capt. Simeon Ecuyer
Virginia Grey Diana
Porter Hall Leach
Mike Mazurki Bone
Richard Gaines Col. George Washington
Virginia Campbell Mrs. John Fraser
Gavin Muir Lt. Fergus McKenzie
Alan Napier Sir William Johnson
Cecil B. DeMille
Charles Bennett, Fredric M Frank, Jesse Lasky Jr.

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Los Inconquistables

To avoid execution on a trumped-up charge, Abby agrees to be enslaved in the British colonies of North America. The captain of the transport ship, Martin Garth, has his eye on her, but he is outbid by Capt. Chris Holden, a Virginian. After setting Abby free on shore, Holden learns that Native Americans are plotting to attack the settlers. Holden, suspecting that Garth is in on the scheme, aims to stop them before all the colonists are killed.

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