Two for the Road

Release Date:
Apr 27, 1967
Running Time:
Romantic Comedy
Stanley Donen
Audrey Hepburn Joanna Wallace
Albert Finney Mark Wallace
Eleanor Bron Cathy Manchester
William Daniels Howard Manchester
Claude Dauphin Maurice Dalbret
Nadia Gray Francoise Dalbret
Jacqueline Bisset Jackie
Frederic Raphael

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Two for the Road

Architect Mark Wallace and his wife, Joanna, travel to France to meet with an affluent client . While there, they reflect on their first decade of marriage -- memories of when they first met, of courtship and of road trips through the French countryside. As flirtation and playful quarreling turn to boredom with the banality of married life, the Wallaces struggle to rekindle their passion, while mutual infidelity threatens to tear them apart.

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