Tunes of Glory

Release Date:
Dec 20, 1960
Running Time:
Ronald Neame
Alec Guinness Maj. Jock Sinclair, D.S.O., M.M.
John Mills Lt. Col. Basil Barrow
Susannah York Morag Sinclair
Dennis Price Maj. Charles 'Charlie' Scott, M.C.
John Fraser Cpl. Piper Ian Fraser
Allan Cuthbertson Capt. Eric Simpson
Kay Walsh Mary Titterington
Gordon Jackson Capt. Jimmy Cairns, M.C.
Duncan Macrae Pipe Maj. Duncan MacLean
Keith Faulkner Cpl. Piper Adam
Peter McEnery 2nd Lt. David MacKinnon
Paul Whitsun-Jones Maj. 'Dusty' Miller
Gerald Harper Maj. Hugo MacMillan
William Marlowe Lt. Rory
Richard Rudd One of the other officers
David Webb One of the other officers
Colin Lesslie , Albert Fennell
James Kennaway

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Tunes of Glory

Following World War II in peacetime Scotland, brigade headquarters replaces commanding officer Major Jock Sinclair, a boisterous battalion leader, with the strict, temperamental Lieutenant Colonel Basil Barrow . Resentful toward his replacement, Sinclair undermines Barrow's authority and damages his successor's reputation among the soldiers. Barrow faces an uphill battle in regaining the discipline and respect of his battalion.

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