Trailer Park Boys: The Movie

Release Date:
Jan 25, 2008
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Mike Clattenburg
Mike Smith Bubbles
Robb Wells Ricky
John Paul Tremblay Julian
John Dunsworth Mr. Lahey
Jonathan Torrens J-Roc
Cory Bowles Cory
Sarah Dunsworth Sarah
Shelley Thompson Barb Lahey
Barrie Dunn Ray
Patrick Roach Randy
Michael Jackson Trevor
Lucy Decoutere Lucy
Nichole Hiltz Wanda
Gerry Dee Donny
Mike Clatterburg , Barrie Dunn , Michael Volpe , Ivan Reitman , Tom Pollock , Joe Medjuck , Jackie Marcus
Mike Clatterburg, Robb Wells
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Trailer Park Boys: The Movie

When pot-smoking petty criminals Julian and Ricky get caught breaking into an ATM, they're both quickly sent to prison. Eighteen months later, the boys are released back into society, but the transition isn't easy. Ricky's girlfriend, Lucy, has run off, and, in between his efforts to win her back, he's also planning the boys' biggest heist yet, a haphazard plot that finds him enlisting the help of his nerdy friend Bubbles .

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