La Dernière torpille

Release Date:
Oct 24, 1958
Running Time:
Joseph Pevney
Glenn Ford Lt. Cmdr. Barney Doyle
Ernest Borgnine Lt. Archer `'Archie'` Sloan
Diane Brewster Jane Doyle
Dean Jones Lt. Jake `'Fuzz'` Foley
L.Q. Jones `'Hash'` Benson
Philip Ober Adm. Samuel Setton
Richard Carlyle Cmdr. Don Adams
Fredd Wayne Orville `'Goldy'` Goldstein
Don Keefer Ens. Ron Milligan
Robert Hardy Lt. Redley
Paul Picerni Lt. Burt Fisher
Edmund Grainger

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La Dernière torpille

Lieutenant Commander Barney Doyle is in charge of the submarine whose task it is to destroy the Shinaru, the Japanese aircraft carrier which launched the attack on Pearl Harbor. Doyle undertakes this mission, despite the fact that there is a transport in the way which is carrying his wife and child, captured by the enemy and being used as a shield to protect their vessel.

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