Three Smart Girls

Release Date:
Dec 20, 1936
Running Time:
Musical Comedy
Henry Koster
Deanna Durbin Penny Craig
Binnie Barnes Donna Lyons
Alice Brady Mrs. Lyons
Ray Milland Lord Michael Stuart
Barbara Read Kay Craig
Mischa Auer Count Arisztid
Charles Winninger Judson Craig
Ernest Cossart Binns
Lucile Watson Martha
Nella Walker Dorothy Craig
Hobart Cavanaugh Wilbur Lamb
Charles R. Rogers
Adele Comandini

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Three Smart Girls

This lighthearted musical follows the travails of 14-year-old Penny Craig and her two older sisters as they attempt to reignite a romance between their mother and their estranged father before he weds a fortune-hunter. Leaving their home in Switzerland, the three young women journey to New York City and hire a washed-up count to break up their father's engagement, wreaking plenty of wholesome havoc for all concerned.

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