They Were Expendable

Release Date:
Dec 20, 1945
Running Time:
John Ford, Robert Montgomery
Robert Montgomery Lt. John Brickley
John Wayne Lt. (j.g.) ``Rusty'' Ryan
Donna Reed 2nd Lt. Sandy Davys
Jack Holt Gen. Martin
Ward Bond ``Boats'' Mulcahey
Marshall Thompson Ens. ``'Snake'' Gardner
Paul Langton Ens. ``Andy'' Andrews
Leon Ames Maj. James Morton
Arthur Walsh Seaman Jones
Donald Curtis Lt. (j.g.) ``Shorty'' Long
Cameron Mitchell Ens. George Cross
Jeff York Ens. Tony Aiken
Murray Alper ``Slug'' Mahan
Harry Tenbrook ``Squarehead'' Larsen
Jack Pennick ``Doc''
J. Alex Havier ``Benny'' Lecoco
Charles Trowbridge Admiral Blackwell
Bruce Kellogg Elder Tompkins
Louis Jean Heydt ``Ohio''
Robert Barrat The General
Russell Simpson ``Dad'' Knowland
John Ford
Frank Wead

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They Were Expendable

After a demonstration of new PT boats, navy brass are still unconvinced of their viability in combat, leaving Lt. ``Rusty'' Ryan frustrated. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, however, Ryan and his buddy Lt. Brickley are told they can finally take their squadron into battle. The PT boats quickly prove their worth, successfully shooting down Japanese planes, relaying messages between islands, and picking off a multitude of enemy ships.

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