They Died With Their Boots On

Release Date:
Nov 21, 1941
Running Time:
Raoul Walsh
Errol Flynn George Armstrong Custer
Olivia de Havilland Elizabeth Bacon
Arthur Kennedy Ned Sharp
Charley Grapewin California Joe
Gene Lockhart Samuel Bacon
Anthony Quinn Crazy Horse
Stanley Ridges Maj. Romulus Taipe
Sydney Greenstreet Lt. Gen. Winfield Scott
Regis Toomey Fitzhugh Lee
Hattie McDaniel Callie

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They Died With Their Boots On

George Armstrong Custer is a rebellious but ambitious soldier, eager to join the Civil War. During the war, Custer has numerous successes to his credit, even though he disobeys orders. After the war concludes, he marries Libby Bacon and is assigned to the Dakota Territory. Custer negotiates honestly with the Sioux on land, but due to corruption from others, a battle with Sitting Bull's forces occurs at Little Big Horn.

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