There's Something About a Soldier

Release Date:
Nov 30, 1943
Running Time:
Alfred E. Green
Tom Neal Wally Williams
Evelyn Keyes Carol Harkness
Bruce Bennett Frank Molloy
John Hubbard Michael Crocker
Jeff Donnell Jean Burton
Frank Sully Alex Grybinski
Lewis Wilson Bolivar Jefferson
Robert Stanford George Edwards
Jonathan Hale General Sommerton
Hugh Beaumont Lieut. Martini
Kane Richmond Sgt. Cummings
Horace McCoy, Barry Trivers

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There's Something About a Soldier

Wally Williams and Frank Malloy are friends at an officers' school. Tension builds between them when they befriend Carol Harkness, a secretary at the school. While both men vie for Carol's affections, Wally alienates himself from the rest of the squad with his brashness. He has a change of heart when Carol tells him about Frank's heroic military service. He alters his behavior and wins Carol's heart in the process.

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