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There's Only One Jimmy Grimble

Release Date:
Aug 25, 2000
Running Time:
John Hay


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Robert Carlyle Eric Wirral
Ray Winstone Harry
Gina McKee Donna
Lewis McKenzie Jimmy Grimble
Ben Miller Johnny Two Dogs
Bobby Power 'Gorgeous' Gordon Burley
Samia Ghadie Sara
Jane Lapotaire Old Woman
John McArdle Headmaster
John Henshaw Ken Burley
Charles Denton The Cat
Azmier Ahmed Elvis
Ciaran Griffiths Psycho
Wayne Galtrey Walkaway Kid
Antony Marsh Crane
Sean Delaney Brick
Ann Aris Governor 1
Richard Heap Governor 2
Michael J. Jackson Colin
Jim Whelan Robbie Brewer
Jacqueline Leonard Kath
Samantha Cunningham Melanie Morrison
Chris Carson Greenock Team
Lee Price Greenock Team
Abdi Ismail Greenock Team
Andy Hampson Greenock Team