There's No Business Like Show Business

Release Date:
Dec 16, 1954
Running Time:
Musical Comedy
Walter Lang
Ethel Merman Molly Donahue
Dan Dailey Terence Donahue
Marilyn Monroe Vicky Hoffman/Vicky Parker
Donald O'Connor Tim Donahue
Johnnie Ray Steve Donahue
Mitzi Gaynor Katy Donahue
Hugh O'Brian Charles Biggs
Frank McHugh Eddie Dugan, Vicky's Agent
Sol C. Siegel

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There's No Business Like Show Business

Terry and Molly are vaudeville performers who eventually add their three children to the act to become ''The Five Donahues.'' However, their children start to go their own way in time, with Steve deciding to become a priest. The other grown children, Katy and Tim, join a show starring Victoria Parker . The Donahue parents become a performing pair again, but the family still faces personal upheaval.

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