Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey

Release Date:
Jan 29, 1994
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Steven M. Martin
Clara Rockmore Herself, Theremin Virtuoso
Robert Moog Himself, Inventor of the Moog Synthesizer
Nicolas Slonimsky Himself, Composer and Historian
Paul Shure Himself, Musician
Henry Solomonoff Himself, Theremin Studio Member
Suki Bader Herself, Theremin Dancer
Lydia Kavina Herself, Theremin's Great Niece
Brian Wilson Himself, Founder of The Beach Boys
Todd Rundgren Himself, Musician and Producer
Dr. Samuel Hoffman Himself, in 'The Mickey Mouse Club Show' Clip
Ingrid Bergman Actress in 'Spellbound' Clip (uncredited
Steven M. Martin
Steven M. Martin

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Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey

This documentary explores the life of Leon Theremin, the inventor of an electronic synthesizer called the theremin, which uses motion to produce a sliding ethereal sound. After creating the instrument, Theremin is kidnapped by the KGB to work on inventions and surveillance technology. During his absence, the theremin becomes a popular instrument in film scores and through the performances of Clara Rockmore. In 1991, Theremin finally returns to the United States after his release.

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