There Was a Crooked Man

Release Date:
Dec 25, 1970
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Kirk Douglas Paris Pitman, Jr.
Henry Fonda Woodward W. Lopeman
Hume Cronyn Dudley Whinner
Warren Oates Floyd Moon
Burgess Meredith The Missouri Kid
John Randolph Cyrus McNutt
Michael Blodgett Coy Cavendish
Arthur O'Connell Mr. Lomax
Martin Gabel Warden LeGoff
Alan Hale Tobaccy
Victor French Whiskey
Barbara Rhoades Miss Jessie Brundidge
Lee Grant Mrs. Bullard

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There Was a Crooked Man

After a botched heist, Wild West bandit Paris Pitman Jr. hides his newly stolen money where no one will find it, then loses his entire gang in a blaze of bullets before being captured by the law and given a lengthy sentence in a desert jail. Paris believes that he can buy his way out of his predicament by offering some cash to the guards, but the upstanding Sheriff Lopeman makes sure his men remain honest. Running out of options, Paris begins plotting a jailbreak.

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