The Young Savages

Release Date:
May 24, 1961
Running Time:
John Frankenheimer
Burt Lancaster Hank Bell
Dina Merrill Karin Bell
Shelley Winters Mary di Pace
Edward Andrews R. Daniel 'Dan' Cole
Vivian Nathan Mrs. Escalante
Larry Gates Randolph
Telly Savalas Police Lt. Gunderson
Pilar Seurat Louisa Escalante
Jody Fair Angela Rugiello
Roberta Shore Jenny Bell
Milton Selzer Walsh
Robert Burton Judge
David J. Stewart Barton
Stanley Kristien Danny Di Pace
John Davis Chandler Arthur Reardon
Neil Nephew Anthony 'Batman' Aposto
Luis Arroyo Zorro
Jose Perez Roberto Escalante
Richard Velez Gargantua
William Sargent Soames (uncredited)
Harold Hecht , Pat Duggan
J.P. Miller, Edward Anhalt

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The Young Savages

After a Puerto Rican teen is murdered by three white adolescents, the case comes to Assistant District Attorney Hank Bell . Realizing that he used to date the mother of one of the suspects, he wonders if the boy is his son. Despite Bell's personal involvement, the district attorney keeps him on the case. However, as Bell discovers street gang involvement in the case, he and his wife begin to face physical threats.

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