The Young Philadelphians

Release Date:
May 30, 1959
Running Time:
Vincent Sherman
Paul Newman Anthony Judson Lawrence/Narrator
Barbara Rush Joan Dickinson
Alexis Smith Carol Wharton
Brian Keith Mike Flanagan
Diane Brewster Kate Judson Lawrence
Billie Burke Mrs. J. Arthur Allen
John Williams Gilbert Dickinson
Robert Vaughn Chester A. ''Chet'' Gwynn
Otto Kruger John Marshall Wharton
Paul Picerni Louis Donetti
Robert Douglas Uncle Morton Stearnes
Frank Conroy Doctor Shippen Stearnes
Adam West William Lawrence III
Fred Eisley Carter Henry
Richard Deacon George Archibald
Isobel Elsom Mrs. Dewitt Lawrence (uncredited)
James Gunn

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The Young Philadelphians

Tony Lawrence inherited his late father's name but not his fortune. His single mother pushes Tony towards upward mobility. He studies law and postpones marriage to his sweetheart, Joan, to further his career. The higher he climbs on the social ladder, the less ethical Tony grows, poaching a client and seducing his boss' wife . When called to defend an old friend, Tony is caught in a moral dilemma.

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