The World's End

Release Date:
Aug 23, 2013
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Comedy,Science Fiction
Edgar Wright
Simon Pegg Gary King
Nick Frost Andy Knight
Paddy Considine Steven
Martin Freeman Oliver
Eddie Marsan Peter
Rosamund Pike Sam
Pierce Brosnan Guy Shepherd
Samuel Mak Sam
Nira Park , Tim Bevan , Eric Fellner , James Biddle , Edgar Wright , Simon Pegg , Nick Frost , Liza Chasin
Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright
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The World's End

Gary King is an immature 40-year-old who's dying to take another stab at an epic pub-crawl that he last attempted 20 years earlier. He drags his reluctant buddies back to their hometown and sets out for a night of heavy drinking. As they make their way toward their ultimate destination -- the fabled World's End pub -- Gary and his friends attempt to reconcile the past and present. However, the real struggle is for the future when their journey turns into a battle for mankind.

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