The Warrior's Way

Release Date:
Dec 3, 2010
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Action,Fantasy,Western,Martial Arts
Sngmoo Lee
Jang Dong Gun Yang
Geoffrey Rush Ron
Kate Bosworth Lynne
Danny Huston The Colonel
Tony Cox Eight-Ball
Ti Lung Saddest Flute
Analin Rudd Baby April
Markus Hamilton Baptiste
Barrie M. Osborne , Jooick Lee , Michael Peyser , Tim White , Eui Hong , Seung Jae Tcha , Nansun Shi , Satoru Iseki , Matthew Jenner , David Milner , Kathy Morgan
Sngmoo Lee
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The Warrior's Way

Refusing to kill an infant from an enemy clan, master swordsman Yang takes the child and flees to an American frontier town. He puts away his sword for good, vowing to raise the baby in peace. Yang befriends Lynne, a woman who wants revenge against a colonel, the man who murdered her family. When the colonel returns to wreak havoc on the town, Yang draws his sword to protect his new friends, but the sound of fighting draws Yang's murderous clansmen into the fray as well.

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