Amante di guerra

Release Date:
Oct 25, 1962
Running Time:
Philip Leacock
Steve McQueen Capt. Buzz Rickson
Robert Wagner 1st Lt. Ed Bolland
Shirley Anne Field Daphne Caldwell
Gary Cockrell 2nd Lt. Marty Lynch
Michael Crawford Sgt. Junior Sailen
Bill Edwards 2nd Lt. Max Brindt
Chuck Julian Lamb
Robert Easton Sgt. Handown
Al Waxman Sgt. Prien
Tom Busby Sgt. Farr
George Sperdakos Sgt. Bragliani
Bob Kanter 2nd Lt. Haverstraw
Jerry Stovin Col. Emmet
Edward Bishop Col. Vogt
Richard Leech Maj. Murika
Bernard Braden Flight Surgeon Randall
Sean Kelly Capt. Woodman
Charles De Temple Capt. Braddock
Neil McCallum Sully
Justine Lord Street Girl
Arthur Hornblow Jr.
Howard Koch

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Amante di guerra

In World War II, American bomber pilots Capt. Buzz Rickson and 1st Lt. Ed Boland are stationed at a military base in England. Buzz is a hotshot pilot who consistently demonstrates great bravery -- if not outright cockiness -- in air combat. Ed, on the other hand, is more cautious in his approach and looks up to Buzz as the superior pilot. When both pilots fall for the same girl, Daphne Caldwell, their comradeship begins to fall apart.

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