The War Against Mrs. Hadley

Release Date:
Aug 7, 1942
Running Time:
Harold S. Bucquet
Edward Arnold Elliott Fulton
Fay Bainter Stella Hadley
Richard Ney Theodore Hadley
Jean Rogers Patricia Hadley
Sara Allgood Mrs. Michael Fitzpatrick
Spring Byington Cecilia Talbot
Van Johnson Michael Fitzpatrick
Isobel Elsom Mrs. Laura Winters
Frances Rafferty Sally
Dorothy Morris Millie
Halliwell Hobbs Bennett
Connie Gilchrist Cook
Horace McNally Peters
Miles Mander Doctor Leonard V. Meecham
Rags Ragland Louie
Mark Daniels Bob
Carl ``Alfalfa'' Switzer Messenger Boy
Irving Asher

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The War Against Mrs. Hadley

Despite the bombing at Pearl Harbor, wealthy widow Stella Hadley insists that life continue normally. Refusing to accept that her rigid ways have undermined her son, Ted, and daughter, Pat, Stella feels betrayed when her longtime admirer, Elliot Fulton, a War Department official, refuses to prevent Ted's draft. She is further shocked when her best friend and her daughter take war jobs. Soon Stella finds herself alone.

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