International Hotel

Release Date:
Sep 19, 1963
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Anthony Asquith
Elizabeth Taylor Frances Andros
Richard Burton Paul Andros
Louis Jourdan Marc Champselle
Elsa Martinelli Gloria Gritti
Margaret Rutherford The Duchess of Brighton
Maggie Smith Miss Mead
Rod Taylor Les Mangrum
Orson Welles Max Buda
Linda Christian Miriam Marshall
Dennis Price Cmdr. Millbank
Anatole de Grunwald

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International Hotel

Inclement weather has delayed a flight from London's Heathrow Airport to New York City. A cross-section of elite passengers waits to board the plane as they experience various life crises. Among them: Frances, a woman fleeing a loveless marriage to her millionaire husband, Paul; a duchess who has fallen on hard times; and Gloria, an aspiring actress accompanied by her money-grubbing producer, Max .

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