The Vanishing American

Release Date:
Oct 15, 1925
Running Time:
Historical Drama
George B. Seitz
Richard Dix Nophaie
Lois Wilson Marion Warner
Noah Beery Booker
Malcolm McGregor Earl Ramsdale
Nocki Indian Boy
Shannon Day Gekin Yashi
Charles Crockett Amos Halliday
Bert Woodruff Bart Wilson
Bernard Siegel Do Etin
Guy Oliver Kit Carson
Joe Ryan Jay Lord
Charles Stevens Shoie
Bruce Gordon Rhur
Richard Howard Glendon
John Webb Dillon Naylor
Ethel Doherty

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The Vanishing American

On the eve of World War I, a Navajo reservation is under the control of a corrupt government official named Booker . Tribal leader Nophaie asks Booker's superiors for better treatment of his people, but his pleas are met with indifference from all except kindly white schoolteacher Marian, who convinces Nophaie to enlist in the war effort. But Nophaie's optimism is crushed when, after returning from war, he finds conditions for the Navajo are far worse.

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