The United States of Albert

Release Date:
Apr 8, 2005
Running Time:
André Forcier
Éric Bruneau Albert Renaud
Émilie Dequenne Grace Carson
Andréa Ferréol Jane Pickford
Roy Dupuis Jack Decker
Laurent Deshusses Peter Malone
Alex Descas Nolton Barnett
Patricia Ubeda Maria Romero
Marc Labrèche Simon
Alejandro Morán Dr. Sax
Céline Bonnier Hannah Steinway
Mark Krasnoff Noah Steinway
Julie McClemens Mary Pickford
David Kodsi , Yves Fortin , André Martin
André Forcier, Linda Pinet

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The United States of Albert

In the 1920s, Albert sets off from Montreal for Hollywood, intent on a career playing heroes in the movies. Along the way, he finds himself embroiled in numerous adventures, including an encounter with Jack, a ladies' man golfing his way through West Coast deserts. He also meets and falls in love with a radical Mormon, Grace, who believes polyandry is the answer to polygamy. Then he's forced to be a real-life hero at a California train stop.

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