Os Novos Dez Mandamentos

Release Date:
Aug 3, 2007
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
David Wain
Paul Rudd Jeff Reigert
Famke Janssen Gretchen Reigert
Winona Ryder Kelly La Fonda
Jessica Alba Liz Anne Blazer
Adam Brody Stephen Montgomery
Gretchen Mol Gloria Jennings
Justin Theroux Jesus H. Christ
A.D. Miles Oliver Jennings
Oliver Platt Marc Jacobson
Ken Marino Dr. Glenn Richie
Liev Schreiber Ray Johnson
Mather Zickel Louis La Fonda
Jason Sudeikis Ton Contiella
Ron Silver Fielding Barnes
Bobby Cannavale Marty McBride
Cedric Sanders Greg Jaffe
Arlen Escarpeta Todd Jaffe
Jonathan Stern , Ken Marino , David Wain , Paul Rudd , Morris S. Levy , Danny Fisher , Sam Zietz , Jack Fisher , Michael Almog
Ken Marino, David Wain
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Os Novos Dez Mandamentos

A series of interweaving vignettes spoof the Ten Commandments. In one story, a skydiver forgets to pack his parachute. When he lands, he doesn't die, but gets stuck in the ground, causing a media circus and jeopardizing his relationship with his girlfriend, Kelly . Later, Kelly begins a tumultuous relationship with a ventriloquist's dummy. In another story, a doctor obsessed with pranks accidentally kills a patient and winds up in jail.

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