The Temptress

Release Date:
Oct 3, 1926
Running Time:
Fred Niblo
Greta Garbo Elena
Antonio Moreno Manuel Robledo
Roy D'Arcy Manos Duras
Marc MacDermott M. Fontenoy
Lionel Barrymore Canterac
Virginia Brown Faire Celinda
Armand Kaliz Marquis de Torre Bianca
Alys Murrell Josephine
Robert Andersen Pirovani
Francis McDonald Timoteo
Hector V. Sarno Rojas
Inez Gomez Sebastiana
Steve Clemente Salvadore
Roy Coulson Trinidad

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The Temptress

At a Parisian costume ball, Argentinian Manuel Robledo falls for the lovely Elena . The next day he discovers that she is already married to his friend the Marquis de Torre Bianca . Later, a wealthy banker who was having an affair with Elena announces that she has ruined him and commits suicide publicly. To avoid scandal, the marquis moves to Argentina, where the love triangle is renewed, with fatal consequences.

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