The Talk of the Town

Release Date:
Aug 27, 1942
Running Time:
George Stevens
Cary Grant Leopold Dilg/Joseph
Jean Arthur Miss Nora Shelley
Ronald Colman Professor Michael Lightcap
Edgar Buchanan Sam Yates
Glenda Farrell Regina Bush
Charles Dingle Andrew Holmes
Emma Dunn Mrs. Shelley
Rex Ingram Tilney
Leonid Kinskey Jan Pulaski
Tom Tyler Clyde Bracken
Don Beddoe Police Chief
George Watts Judge Grunstadt
Clyde Fillmore Senator James Boyd
Frank M. Thomas District Attorney Scott
Lloyd Bridges Donald Forrester
George Stevens

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The Talk of the Town

Leopold Dilg, who was wrongfully convicted of arson, manages to escape from prison. While on the lam, he finds the home of Nora Shelley, an old friend from school for whom he harbors a secret affection. Nora believes in Dilg's innocence and lets him pose as her landscaper; meanwhile, Professor Lightcap, a legal expert, has just begun renting a room in Nora's home. Lightcap, like Dilg, also has eyes for Nora, leading to a series of comic misadventures.

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