The Sign of the Ram

Release Date:
Jan 30, 1948
Running Time:
John Sturges
Susan Peters Leah St. Aubyn
Alexander Knox Mallory St. Aubyn
Phyllis Thaxter Sherida Binyon
Peggy Ann Garner Christine St. Aubyn
Ron Randell Dr. Simon Crowdy
Dame May Whitty Clara Brastock
Allene Roberts Jane St. Aubyn
Ross Ford Logan St. Aubyn
Diana Douglas Catherine Woolton
Margaret Tracy Emily
Paul Scardon Perowen
Gerald Hamer Reverend Woolton
Doris Lloyd Mrs. Woolton
Irving Cummings Jr.
Charles Bennett

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The Sign of the Ram

The personality of Leah St. Aubyn, a wealthy English poet who uses a wheelchair, has become increasingly volatile and domineering. Despite her marriage to Mallory, Leah begins flirting with her physical therapist, Dr. Simon Crowdy . However, when Dr. Crowdy reveals that he plans to propose to her much younger stepdaughter, Jane, Leah begins a violent downward spiral that can only end in tragedy.

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