The Seventh Cross

Release Date:
Jul 24, 1944
Running Time:
Fred Zinnemann
Spencer Tracy George Heisler
Signe Hasso Antonia aka Toni
Hume Cronyn Paul Roeder
Jessica Tandy Liesel Roeder
Agnes Moorehead Mme. Marelli
Herbert Rudley Franz Marnet
Felix Bressart Poldi Schlamm
Ray Collins Ernst Wallau
Alexander Granach Zillich
Katherine Locke Frau Hedy Sauer
George Macready Bruno Sauer
Paul Guilfoyle Fiedler
Steven Geray Dr. Löwenstein
Kurt Katch Leo Hermann
Karen Verne Leni
Konstantin Shayne Fuellgrabe
John Wengraf Kommisar Overkamp
George Zucco Fahrenburg
Steven Muller Hellwig Anders
Eily Malyon Fraulein Johanna Bachmann
Pandro S. Berman
Helen Deutsch

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The Seventh Cross

When seven German prisoners in a Nazi concentration camp manage to escape, the Gestapo embarks on a mission to recapture and crucify all of the fugitives. Only George Heisler manages to elude the persistent Nazis, but he is met with indifference or hostility in his efforts to hide. Fortunately, he runs across the kind Madame Marelli and family man Paul Roeder, and with their help, he mounts a desperate bid for permanent freedom.

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