The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Release Date:
Aug 14, 1947
Running Time:
Norman Z. McLeod
Danny Kaye Walter Mitty
Virginia Mayo Rosalind van Hoorn
Boris Karloff Dr. Hollingshead
Fay Bainter Mrs. Mitty
Ann Rutherford Gertrude Griswold
Thurston Hall Bruce Pierce
Konstantin Shayne Peter van Hoorn
Florence Bates Mrs. Griswold
Gordon Jones Tubby Wadsworth
Reginald Denny Colonel
Henry Corden Hendrick
Doris Lloyd Mrs. Follinsbee
Fritz Feld Anatole
Frank Reicher Maasdam
Milton Parsons Butler
Bess Flowers Illustrator (uncredited)
Lumsden Hare Dr. Pritchard-Mitford (uncredited)
Joel Friedkin Mr. Grimsby (uncredited)
Henry Kolker Dr. Benbow (uncredited)
Charles Trowbridge Dr. Renshaw (uncredited)
Samuel Goldwyn
Ken Englund, Everett Freeman, Philip Rapp, James Thurber

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

A mild-mannered pushover, Walter Mitty longs to be free of his mundane existence, where has to contend with his pushy mother and flighty fiancée, among others. Indulging in elaborate daydreams, Walter finds himself on a real adventure when the lovely and enigmatic Rosalind van Hoorn ropes him into a situation involving valuable jewels, a little black book, and a sinister criminal named Dr. Hugo Hollingshead .

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