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The Scarlet Letter

Release Date:
Aug 9, 1926
Running Time:
Victor Sjöström
Lillian Gish Hester Prynne
Lars Hanson The Rev. Arthur Dimmesdale
Henry B. Walthall Roger Chillingworth
Karl Dane Master Giles
William H. Tooker Gov. Bellingham
Marcelle Corday Mistress Hibbins
Fred Herzog The Jailer
Jules Cowles The Beadle
Mary Hawes Patience
James Marcus A Sea Captain
Chief Yowlachie Indian
Polly Moran Jeering Townswoman
Victor Sjöström
Frances Marion

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The Scarlet Letter

In Puritan New England, Hester Prynne marries Roger Chillingsworth at the behest of her father. When Roger is away, Hester forms a bond with the sensitive Rev. Arthur Dimmesdale . Later, when Hester gives birth to a daughter, people in the village suspect that Roger is not the father and force Hester to wear a letter A for adultery until she reveals the father of her child. Arthur, meanwhile, is overcome by guilt and decides to take action.

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