The Sailor From Gibraltar

Release Date:
Apr 24, 1967
Running Time:
Tony Richardson
Jeanne Moreau Anna
Ian Bannen Alan
Vanessa Redgrave Sheila
Zia Mohyeddin Noori
Hugh Griffith Llewellyn
Orson Welles Louis de Mozambique
Umberto Orsini Postcard Vendor
Eleonora Brown Clara
John Hurt John
Neil Hartley , Oscar Lewenstein

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The Sailor From Gibraltar

A beautiful French widow, Anna has inherited her late husband's fortune and decides to sail around the world in search of a long-lost love from her youth. During her travels, Anna meets Alan, a handsome British man who has just broken up with his girlfriend . As Alan accompanies Anna on her journey, he begins to fall for her. Will Anna remain single-mindedly focused on finding her old beau, or will she give romance with Alan a chance?

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