The Return of Martin Guerre

Release Date:
Jun 10, 1983
Running Time:
Daniel Vigne
Gérard Depardieu Arnaud de Tihl
Nathalie Baye Bertrande de Rols
Roger Planchon Jean de Coras
André Chaumeau The Cure
Maurice Barrier Uncle Pierre Guerre
Stéphane Pean Young Martin
Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu Martin Guerre
Sylvie Meda Young Bertrande
Marcel Dassault

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The Return of Martin Guerre

Years after his family thought he died, Martin Guerre returns home from the Hundred Years' War. But is he really Martin Guerre? His wife, Bertrande de Rols, has her doubts, as do some of her fellow villagers. Guerre's personality has completely changed; a man who was once angry and sullen is now likable and kind. As they become convinced they have an impostor on their hands, a local magistrate charges the man with Martin Guerre's murder.

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