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The Red Machine

Release Date:
Jan 20, 2011
Running Time:
Adventure,Crime Drama,Historical Drama,Mystery,War
Stephanie Argy, Alec Boehm
Lee Perkins F. Ellis Coburn
Madoka Kasahara Naomi Shimada
David Ross Paterson Admiral Byron McAdams
Roger Ainslie Harrison Llewelyn Petrie
Bryan Larkin Robert Eldridge Dean
Josiah D. Lee Tanaka
Landall Goolsby Lowell
Alex Hill Noble Katz
Donal Thoms-Cappello Eddie Doyle
Meg Brogan Agnes 'Aggie' Driscoll
Mo Byrnes Stella Snyder
Eddie Lee Ichiro Shimada
Walter Komorowski Wallis
Robert Scheid Murray
Chad Nadolski Talmadge
Stephanie Argy , Alec Boehm , Ken Cortland

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The Red Machine

A spy and a thief try to steal a Japanese device in 1935 and have to outwit the people using them.

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