The Red Danube

Release Date:
Oct 14, 1949
Running Time:
George Sidney
Walter Pidgeon Col. Michael S. ''Hooky'' Nicobar
Ethel Barrymore Mother Superior
Peter Lawford Major John ''Twingo'' McPhimister
Angela Lansbury Audrey Quail
Janet Leigh Olga Alexandrova/Maria Buhlen
Louis Calhern Colonel Piniev
Francis L. Sullivan Colonel Humphrey ''Blinker'' Omicron
Melville Cooper Private David Moonlight
Robert Coote Brigadier C.M.V. Catlock
Alan Napier The General
Roman Toporow 2nd Lt. Maxim Omansky
Konstantin Shayne Professor Serge Bruloff
Janine Perreau Mickey Mouse
Audrey Long
Tito Vuolo Italian Billposter (uncredited)
Argentina Brunetti Italian Woman (uncredited)
Carey Wilson

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The Red Danube

Assigned to repatriate Soviet nationals from Vienna after World War II, Col. Michael S. Nicobar and his aides, Maj. John McPhimister and Audrey Quail, relocate from Rome to carry out their mission. The three stay in a convent headed by a Mother Superior who happens to be protecting Maria Buhlen, a Soviet ballerina wanted by the authorities. Soon, Nicobar questions his duty when he and McPhimister fall for Buhlen.

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